Winter Engagement Session | Bartlett, New Hampshire | Elton & Bekah

I met Elton & Bekah on a super cold & snowy day in Bartlett Village. They came all the way from sunny South Carolina (CAN YOU REMEMBER WHAT HEAT IS BECAUSE I CAN’T), and wanted to celebrate their engagement with some gorgeous winter engagement photos! We found a beautiful snowy trail in the woods and had so much fun walking around (or if you’re me, falling through the 3 feet of snow #facepalm). They ended the session with a hike over a snow bank into said deep snow where they ended up tackling each other. Have I mentioned lately how much I love photographing awesome couples like this? Elton & Bekah, thank you so much for trusting me with your fun session!!

man and woman trail snow

man and woman black shirt snow

man and woman kissing snow

man looking at woman snow

woman head on man's shoulder ring

man woman snow engagement

man and woman walking in snow

man and woman snuggling in snow

woman on man's back snow

woman looking at camera

woman and man laughing ring

man and woman laughing snow

man and woman snow fluffy hat

engagement ring snow

funny man and woman snow

man and woman kissing

black and white portrait kiss

man and woman walking in winter woods

man and woman snuggling together

couple in snow

couple looking at each other winter

woman pulling man out of snow

man and woman kissing in the snow

man and woman falling in the snow

man and woman laughing

plaid shirt snow man woman

man and woman kissing snow

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