Baby J | Wolfeboro, NH | 3 Month Old Portraits

It’s been super quiet around this blog lately, but not to worry, I’ve got lots of pictures to share with y’all! First up: Baby J. These were taken for his 3 month birthday (back in January, whoops 🙂 ), & that little man changes every time that I see him! He’s so big now & has just the BEST little personality!


I mean, seriously. I just melt when I see that little grin of his. And his laugh? THE. BEST.


He loves his big brothers so much & lights up when they walk into the room.


Also, if you could have heard the ridiculous things I was saying in a high pitched voice to get these smiles, you’d probably commit me. #truth


Also? That serious face absolutely kills me every time that he busts it out.




Oh gosh. This kid. I can’t wait to do his 6 month pictures!!

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