Shooting Your Christmas Tree

I’m kind of a huge Christmas nerd. As in…our decorations went up two days after Thanksgiving…and they will stay up until New Year’s. Because I said so. And they’re pretty :). One of my favorite things to do is take those gorgeous glittery pictures of my tree; and its super easy!


See how the lighs are all starry? First, I turned all of the lights off except for the tree. Using my tripod, I set my camera to ISO 100, f/22, with a 30 second exposure. The key is to make sure that your fstop is high…that’s what makes the lights glittery.


What I’ve found is easiest when using a long exposure is the 2 second delay (no more camera shake when you let go of the shutter!!).


My other favorite thing to do is make those insane light yearesque pictures! It’s kind of the same idea, but during the exposure, zoom in and out (smoothly) as much as you can before the shutter closes again…


Seriously, you can have so much fun with your Christmas tree lights!


Here are a few more of our decorations…




Try these techniques out tonight! Let me know how they work for you!

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