Ring Shots

Last week, in between loads of laundry and watching paint dry (no, literally) I decided to play around with some of my macro lens extensions. I grabbed a few rings and some objects from around my house (red glittery snowflakes from the Christmas decorations, disco balls, scarves, plants, wood, candle holders, and a picture frame) and experimented with some ring shots!


I’m kind of a fan. Sometimes it can get hard to come up with ideas on how to shoot rings during your weddings when you have a tried and true way to do it (I like to always have one shot of the rings and the flowers together, but I’m starting to branch out and get more creative). I just put some things together and experimented with angles, backdrops, and props.


Those sequins? A scarf.


I used my 50 mm for all of the shots, and added the extensions to some of them to get closer up.


Macro extensions can be difficult to work with, since they take all focusing abilities away from the camera and you’re dependent upon your own eyes to judge what’s in focus and to move accordingly.




The more I experimented with props, the more I saw how easy it is to change the entire tone of the picture with a few tweaks.


I really love the matte look with some of the darker toned pictures. Can’t you see these as part of a moody hued winter wedding?



This is on top of the edge of a mirrored picture frame. When you’re shooting macro like this, you don’t have to worry as much with small details in the background of your shot.



See? Picture frame. I love the reflection of the ring.



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  • cherylJanuary 20, 2014 - 10:55 pm

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the rings at the next winter wedding 🙂ReplyCancel